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two times what?

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Funny Live Hands
  twotimesopt, Mar 07 2008

1/3 live, straddle is on. i raise 88 to $20 in EP, 3way to the flop.

Flop: 792r. I cbet 50, get called by a guy who's been kind of quiet, but for some reason seems to be in tilt-station mode. Heads up to the turn:

Turn: T, completing the rainbow. I check, he insta-bets $100 into $160, and raise him all-in for his last $140 or so. He thinks a bit and calls pretty quickly.

River: Q. I miss my straight draw but table my 88, expecting to lose. He stares at the board, gives me dirty looks for about 3 minutes, and mucks. lol, ship it.

Next hand: It's about about 10 minutes before the cardroom is about to close. I have been at this particular table for an hour or two, sitting on anywhere from $1500-$600. I'm opening and 3betting tons of pots pf and being very aggressive on every street. The table is of course full of loose/passive fish and I am basically dozin'. Play is now 6-handed, and I raise A7o utg to $12. We go to the flop 5-handed.

Flop: A99r. Checks around.

Turn: Th, putting two hearts on the board. Two checks to me, I bet $40 into the $60 pot. Folds around to a very tight/solid player in the SB who insta-calls. Heads up to the river:

River: Js. So the board is A99TJ no possible flushes, I have A7o, and this guy thinks for like 30 sec and shoves all in for about $550 into the $140 pot, just about 4x the size of the pot. I have him covered. His range is obviously totally polarized here, and he looked nervous as hell. I called after a couple minutes and he ships his stack over to me. A good way to end the evening.


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700bb pot
  twotimesopt, Feb 26 2008

Playing 2/5 live a couple of weeks ago. Effective stacks ~1.7k. Villain is a maniac, capable of calling down very thin and running big bluffs. We have a lot of history, we probably thinks I am an overly aggressive "internet kid".

Folded to me on button (very rare), I raise AA to 20, villain flats from the blinds and we see the flop heads-up. Flop is AJ9r, he check-calls my cbet. Turn another J, I fire again and he check-raises to like $250. I think for a bit while everything inside me is hoping that he hit trips and that I'm about to double up. I 3bet to $600, he stands up and says "all-in", and I do the fastest Phil Hellmuth-style insta-call I have ever done. The table starts laughing and villain just says "fuck". He shows JTo (or something) and I rake the ~3.5k pot.

ship ship

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Life decisions
  twotimesopt, Feb 18 2008

I graduated w/ my bachelor's last May. I was accepted into a Ph.D. program and started last fall. I was also given a teaching fellowship, which is very nice - free tuition, monthly stipend for living expenses, free health insurance, etc. My plan was to get my Ph.D. and eventually become a professor. I enjoy academia, and I've also really enjoyed teaching (as a TA) since I started grad school.

However, recently I have been not so motivated for school. I think that I would be happier if I lived off poker and possibly some freelance web design on the side. I started playing poker seriously in late 2006, and made somewhere around $35-40k in 2007. I was in school in the spring and fall, and played a lot during the summer, after cashing out most of my roll to buy a truck and starting over at low stakes.

I have about $25k to my name right now. I am thinking about quitting school and taking a shot at "going-pro" (or whatever - i.e., living off profits from poker). I know that a lot of LPers have been in a similar spot, and basically I'm just looking for any thoughts or insight about this decision from people who have been here before.


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